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2G Robotics Office Fit Up



Underwater Robots in a Shell 

An industrial building accommodates the specialised needs of this hi-tech company, including design, assembly and testing



2G Robotics (now Voyis Imaging) is housed in a late 20th Century spec building of concrete block walls and steel trusses 18’ from the floor.

The existing building is treated as a shell in which the various programmatic elements are organized to create a lively and bright interior streetscape. The program includes a hermetic robot assembly room, calibration and testing rooms, a large testing pool tank with an overhead travelling crane and an open design lab along with open office space & meeting rooms for administration, marketing and sales. The mezzanine,  initially built to support growth, creates spatial excitement in the “streetscape”. This streetscape culminates with the lunch room and common area where everyone can gather in a more relaxed environment, and it is possible to share knowledge, cultivate creativity, and build better relations among peers as well as hold full company gatherings with audio visual presentations.


Our Role:

Space Planning, Design, Documentation, Procurement and Construction Administration


Team Work:

2G Robotics challenges around future growth and managing the workflow through construction, as well as their need to attract and retain the best employees drove this project. Including the client team as a pivotal member of the design team allowed them to have control of their priorities and to feel confident that the design had the flexibility to support a variety of possibilities for future growth.




Project Data

Adaptive Reuse


Construction Management


Kitchener, Ontario

1,490 m²(16,000 sq. ft.)

Construction Completed 2018