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Downtown Kitchener EMS Station


An Urban Response 

Addressing context while maintaining functional clarity of the station



This station consists of a series of articulated volumes  of various materials, textures and colours, to organize the different elements of the program - entrance, garage, rest area, mechanical space. Additionally, it responds to its urban context with a strong façade that satisfies the needs of the pedestrian for interest and excitement.  The challenges of the tight corner site were turned into an opportunity for this station to participate in a positive way with the urban environment without compromising the Region of Waterloo's EMS operational standards.


Our Role:

Design, documentation, procurement, and contract administration.



Through organized, inclusive and effective management of the project process, JMA delivered full architectural services to the Region’s tight schedule. JMA undertook a complete review of the Region’s existing EMS assets, building systems, and facility components to ensure that all operational components and facility systems are examined and consciously implemented in this latest station. This process is part of our committed support of public clients with ongoing facility construction programs.


We approached the design of the Downtown Kitchener EMS as a building that adapts itself to a standardized layout in compliance with the zoning and regulations. The EMS as “satellite stations” around the city, are buildings that need to be designed with a sense of “familiarity” for the staff. Combining the standardized operational components with the City’s regulations, was a challenge but through early and efficient communication with the authorities, the project was a success.




Project Data

Public Services

New Build



Kitchener, Ontario

220 m² (2,400 sq. ft.)?

Construction Completed 2014