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Harry Class Community Pool


Inclusion, Fun and Community for All

Flowing Through Time and Space in this Historic Pool and Change House




This municipal project required that this 1931 historic change house, pool and pool deck be brought up to modern standards. The City of Kitchener facility was designed to be playful, modern and universally accessible, while retaining the historic shell, skylights and structure intact. The change house leads users to the pool through a hall much like a flowing river.  Showers in the hall allow users who arrive in their bathing suits to avoid entering the changerooms. 


While there was an immediate need to repair and enlarge the pool deck and install a new liner in the pool, it was also possible to build the infrastructure to add amenities in future years such as shade, music, lights, and space for private parties, creating revenue opportunities for the facility. A black concrete sunbathing mound, inspired by the art of Jean Arp,  has proven to be a hit for those who seek a warm spot after their swim.


Our Role:

Public engagement, design, documentation, procurement and construction administration.



With the revitalization of the Harry Class Outdoor Pool we were able to:

- Engage the community with well-attended public meetings where people of all ages provided meaningful feedback which was included in the design of the facility.

- Create a sense of fun and surprise by contrasting the existing exterior of the change house with and interior of organic forms, bright colours and modern materials. 

- Set a new standard for inclusive design with the design of the universal change rooms.

- Ease the approval and construction process and achieved strict project deadlines through early and effective communication with the client and the authorities.

- Work cooperatively with aquatic professional staff and the City of Kitchener for an efficient renovation of the pool tank and mechanical systems.



“The facility users are very happy with the layout and design, and the project has far exceeded my expectations.”


— Ed Dent
Supervisor, Facilities Management. City of Kitchener



“John MacDonald Architect worked diligently and carefully to inform and lead the Harry Class Community Pool project. The team involved our
users and local community in the design process, through social media and interactive public forums that built positive momentum for the renewal. We appreciate aspects of the historically designed change house with an updated and exciting design which accommodates our need for family change facilities and complete accessibility.“


— Denise Keelan

Manager, Aquatics & Athletics City of Kitchener




Project Data

Public Facility


Construction Management


Kitchener, Ontario

370 m² (4,000 sq. ft.)​

Construction Completed 2011