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Huron Renaissance: Civic Engagement Complex


A New Auditorium and Performance Venue 

A facility to showcase the university and its pastoral setting




The project involved the design and detailed development of two distinct but complimentary additions to existing main buildings on campus. Together these projects set the stage for transformational change of the overall campus experience, with improved way-finding and circulation, and hubs for student engagement, learning and support. The Civic Engagement Complex proposes the renovation of an existing former gymnasium (presently used as examination space) into a new 295 seat raked auditorium and performance venue, with new lobby and washroom facilities. A two-storey addition provides new greeting and office space for University leadership, as well as further specialized classrooms to round-out the fleet of classroom types on campus. The lower level of the complex houses new office and support spaces for the Registrar and Student Support Services. New openings and inter-connections create strong visual and physical relationships with the campus’ extensive green spaces of the Medway Valley.



The developed designs have set the stage for a series of innovative and inspiring architectural pieces that are sensitive to the existing character of the campus, and that find inspiration from cloistered and Ivy League campuses in the Educational Gothic style, modernized to suit present needs and construction techniques.




Project Data


Alteration / Addition



London, Ontario

1,400 m² (15,000 sq. ft.) Existing Building

1,645 m² (17,700 sq. ft.) New Addition

1,280 m² (13,800 sq.ft.) Renovation

Design Development Completed 2017