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JMA's Unique Building Systems Approach (BSA)

Performance is more than the Sum of its Parts


We welcome the opportunity to apply our skills to your project. This includes a unique and highly developed Building Systems Approach to the design, co-ordination and commissioning of the component systems that support facility performance. We have fine-tuned this approach over almost a decade of implementation, having developed the system in response to increasing integration and our industry's need for improvement of quality, co-ordination, schedule, and cost. Regardless of building type, each project’s design and execution depends upon the effectiveness of its building systems and their components. We ensure their integration and support for your project goals, and know the power of this approach to improve the quality of outcomes. John has presented this system at several National Building Commissioning Association annual conferences, and Construct Canada.


The approach is especially helpful for the adaptive reuse and expansion of facilities, where evaluation of existing systems for both issues and opportunities must be particularly thorough.



BSA in Action

-Tracking over 40 systems

-from Inception to Completion

-System-based Specifications

-Assignment of Trade Responsibility

-Seamless Integration with Commissioning