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Paramedic Services Study


Optimum deployment for a growing community

Concept design and summary report for the planning of four new stations



The 2016 Paramedic Services (PSV) Master Plan identified the need for four new deployment stations, one constructed approximately every two years beginning in 2024. The Master Plan was updated in 2022 to determine optimum deployment station locations based on more recent call response information.


As the consultant, John MacDonald Architect provided the following services:

  • Reviewed the Master Plan report and prior station designs used by PSV, and identified where the present design does or does not meet the recommendations of the Plan.
  • Met with Region Facilities staff together with PSV stakeholders to confirm the project priorities and project givens that formed the basis of design activities moving forward.
  • Confirmed spacial requirements and developed a detailed functional program for the enlarged facility model, for the building and site for both options, 2-Bay and 3-Bay PSVs.
  • Prepared conceptual designs to each option based on the approved functional program. Concepts were developed according to client's reviews and comments. Each option was developed to the required level of details, including a site plan, floor plan, building elevations (of each face), and 3-D rendered views.
  • Prepared List of Building Systems and Building Systems Brief, for potential use with the Cost Consultant.
  • This concept design summary report, which contains our reporting on the above, and key considerations, such as building envelope assemblies and materials, sustainable design principles, optimum vehicle flow and minimum lot / land size required.




Project Data

Feasibility Study

Region of Waterloo, Ontario

Study Completed 2023