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Art in the Public Realm: "Stitch"

in partnership with Sandra Dunn of Two Smiths

Stitching the Fabric of our Community

Designed and fabricated in Kitchener, “Stitch” celebrates the community's capacity, in the past, present, and future


Next to a bus stop at an intersection heavy with vehicular traffic sits Stitch, a metal sculpture on a plinth consisting of a needle and thread sewing through gathered fabric, enriching the experience of those passing by.

From the plinth emerge Dix cables reminiscent of circuit boards, downtown horizons, networks of electrical services, water services, and supply chains, spun together to resemble a thread. The needle , of electroplated steel, and thread hover horizontally over the sloping ground, to gather the undulating “fabric” of corten steel with a running stitch. The shaped plinths below the piece serve to elevate its status and properly present the piece during all seasons, and incidentally to facilitate maintenance of the parkette within which it sits.

Mounted within the thread are LED strip lights, fed by a solar panel, that create a dashed white line in the night environment and illuminate the surfaces and volumes of the undulating form.

Stitch sews together ideas of the local industry, geography, landscape, our connected future and community. It has an overall sense of gathering, of dedication to common aims, of connection and capacity to shape the world around us.

Project Data

Urban + Lighting


Ideas / Competition


Kitchener, Ontario

Construction Completed 2019