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Bridgeport United Church Life Safety & Accessibility Plan


Safety and Accessibility for a Historic Church

Church leadership endeavors to make a plan to implement in stages



Recognizing the importance of ensuring the ongoing safety of its congregation, users and its community, church leadership sought to identify and address any deficiencies in the present system and plan for long term upgrades. Issues around fire safety, emergency system, code compliance and accessibility were all reviewed. The plan specifically considers how to improve universal access to all levels, indoor and out, of this historic church, without having to incur the cost of a new elevator.  Working with the congregation,  we proposed targeted renovations that could be accomplished in phases, to suit available resources. Changes to the Lower Level proposed separate, direct access to the under-utilized Community Room, to increase revenue potential, for renovation cost off-setting. Working with maintenance staff, the FA system provider and trades, JMA staff applied their knowledge of building systems to identify areas of weakness and to determine cost effective strategies for renewals and upgrades.


Our Role:

Life Safety Audit & Accessibility Review. Schematic Design for Accessibility & User Safety.





Project Data

Public Facility / Feasibility Study




Kitchener, Ontario

Study Completed 2017