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KW Badminton Club Compliance Plan

Fun & Safe

Unravelling a building's history to meet modern standards

Our Role:

The KW Badminton Club sits in a one storey facility built in 1927 along with a variety of tenants.

The building as a whole needed a review for fire, safety and code compliance.  Specifically it required:

- An upgrade of the alarm system,

- A change of use for part of the building,

- Additional washrooms to accommodate alcohol service, and

- Fire separations of different tenancies and new exits.

John MacDonald Architect navigated efficiently through the different levels of regulations and liaised with various authorities to make a plan to bring this facility into compliance with up-to-date safety regulations.

Project Data

Public Facility / Feasibility Study




Kitchener, Ontario

3,550 m² (38,200 sq. ft.)

Study Completed 2017