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Bruce Street Project Opportunities Analysis

More for Less

Maximizing the development potential of a small residential property


Located in an existing 1950s residential neighbourhood, the challenge of this project was to consider how an existing property could be severed into two separate parcels, working within present zoning requirements, to maximize its redevelopment potential, without having to apply for a zone change. Options included retaining the existing one-storey structure and sizing the new lot to suit, or demolishing the existing to create two equal lots. Regardless of the solution, application to the Committee of Adjustment for minor variance was required. In all options two new duplexes were developed.


— Piyush Kumar

Vice-President, Kumar Group Inc.

Project Data

Feasibility Study

Alteration / Addition



Kitchener, Ontario

670 m²  (7,200 sq. ft.)

Study Completed 2018