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Cedar Street Project Opportunity Analysis


Sensitive Intensification

Working together for great neighbourhoods




This study contemplates the possibilities for developing a long narrow site, located in an established neighbourhood, with a new multi-residential building.  The study gauges how much up-zoning would be acceptable to the city and adhere to the changing Master Plan for the City of Kitchener, followed by a design of the building to the new proposed zoning regulations. The design also prioritizes fitting into the existing urban fabric and character of the neighbourhood.

The study further poses these questions:

- Can the site organisation and volume of the building address the neighbours concerns AND achieve development criteria?

- Can a development be undertaken, in an established neighbourhood, in a way that listens to the community, working with the community and maximizing the development?

The end result is a 'C' shaped building. Vehicular traffic enters the centre of the site, driving between two volumes and parking underneath the building. The two volumes emulate neighbourhood homes, respecting the continuity of the streetscape. This development intends to house a variety of unit types.


Project Data

Feasibility Study

Alteration / Addition



Kitchener, Ontario

1,350 m² (14,530 sq. ft.)

Study Completed 2018

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