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Huron University College North Wing


Interior Streets

On their way to class, students have a place to share greetings and ideas



The project involved sorting out many decades of piecemeal additions, to create a clear sense of entry and way-finding for the campus as a whole.

The design of a new Welcome Centre addition for Student Services and the Registrar operation was intended to better support the College with a prominent main entrance, that offered a front desk and much needed wayfinding throughout the campus.


Our Role:

Program Development, Schematic Design, Development, Cost Estimating.



The schematic designs have set the stage for a series of innovative and inspiring architectural pieces that create the coherence and sense of welcoming entry that has been lacking for the campus. Each piece will act as a catalyst for surrounding spaces and heritage elements, and will contribute to the University’s mission for student-focused learning and growth.



Project Data





London, Ontario

1,700 m² (18,300 sq. ft.)

Design Completed 2017