Our Approach | Sustainability



Looking Over the Horizon, to a Healthier Future and Planet  



Sustainable design is by no means new, and in many ways represents a return to more traditional and careful relationships to our land and resources. We have much to learn from longstanding cultures and First Nations communities about this level of care and stewardship. Design must recognize the interdependence of human culture and natural ecosystems.


We believe design should:

• Focus goals for value on the long term and “next-generation” costs;

• Incorporate material and products not harmful to building occupants, and not harmful to those producing and working with them;

• Strive to generate natural and renewable energy flows that conserve and reduce the use of non-renewable resources;

• Create a high quality and healthy indoor environment


During the design process we look for opportunities to employ sustainable design strategies in key areas that are consistent with our clients' objectives, and to implement practical and cost-effective measures that sustain the world around us.