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Waterloo East Side Branch Library Expansion

in joint venture with ward99 architects inc.

A New Library for the East of Waterloo

The RIM park sportsplex gets a new addition with lots of books, culture, tech and, music


The expansion is a 15,000 sq. ft combination of renovation and addition to the existing recreational facility. JMA has provided all site planning, design in collaboration with its joint venture partner, and coordination of all building systems.


The design has balanced the City’s goals for project cost with its aspirations for a high-performance building and leading edge architectural expression. It has successfully coordinated the relation of the new branch to the existing 300,000 sq. ft. Rim Park facility, with selected integration and stand- alone systems to support the relation between Library and City operated portions of facility.

Experience Gained:

This project has expanded JMA’s knowledge of leading edge mechanical systems and high-performance enclosure, to address the sustainable building challenges faced by municipalities as they provide leadership for the quality of our built environment. John is now conversant with design parameters and requirements for variable refrigerant flow (VRF) and heat pump terminal units, as well as the separation of ventilation and heating/ cooling delivery to reduce fan requirements and tailor ventilation to occupancy with direct outdoor air in combination with a Solarwall trombe wall system.

JMA has also coordinated the approach to the IT/datacom structured cabling system, working with PCC Integrate to design a shared backbone that is fully able to adapt to future changes in the library’s use of connectivity for its building and patrons.

“ I thank you for the team's hard work. The level of effort and time you all spend on the development of this project is appreciated and to be commended; I am pleased to see the ownership you take on this project”

— Sunda Siva
Director, Facility Design and Management Services, City of Waterloo

Project Data

Public Facility

Addition / New Build



Waterloo, Ontario

1,220 m² (13,100 sq. ft.) addition

223 m² (2,400 sq. ft.) renovation​

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