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Project Opportunities Analysis for Multi Residential Development


Success with Balanced Priorities

Explore the potential of a building site to become a positive force in a community




Project Opportunities Analysis is a service that helps property owners contemplate the possibilities and make informed decisions regarding the future of their residential development. With tact and creativity, we consistently develop solutions that respond to the priorities of our clients, as well as the residential expectations of the public and government authorities. With a thorough and detailed investigation of opportunities for each project, JMA designs places and spaces that are unique and respond to the local context with grace and optimism.


Our Role:

During the Project Opportunities process it is important that the client is an active member of the design team. With the client's input, JMA strives to design highly functional spaces that respond to present and future needs. At this early stage, we can produce solid renderings and pro-forma documentation that can successfully launch the project into subsequent stages. 



JMA has completed analyses for urban and suburban contexts that are well received in the community, exceeding our clients' expectations with solutions that are sensible and creative





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