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Residential Intensification


Great Solutions for a More Compact Living 

Transforming the residential landscape, one home at a time




Through detailed investigation and client collaboration John MacDonald Architect brings our client’s housing project to reality. JMA has created unique, attractive and compact dwelling units in built-up areas. Whether in an existing house, or a new build on a severed lot, the challenge of making the most of a property, with an eye on the business case, has resulted in excellent outcomes for both the investor/owner and those who ultimately occupy these units.


Our Role:

JMA worked with the client and relevant government authorities to produce design solutions that exceed expectations, and make positive contributions to the streetscape and the neighbourhood. Our level of involvement through the construction stage range from full Contract Administration Services, to sporadic assistance as the need arises.



Demonstrated that targeted residential renovations and conversions can significantly enhance an existing building. The designs demonstrate how the Client’s competing priorities can be balanced, while also addressing existing issues as defined by the existing site & architecture and the demands of modern building regulations.





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