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Things Engraved In-line Stores


Consistency across Canada 

An integrated system from start to completion made it possible to use local help anywhere in the country, and keep costs down



These full renovations of interiors, with extensive millwork, created a consistent corporate image for Personally Yours, Things Engraved and House of Knives stores . The design team developed a system for Value, Design and Ease of Construction by integrating the roles of designers, fabricators, suppliers, contractors and installers. This allowed us to maintain a  quality of construction across the country while effectively using the help of local contractors to keep costs down. Designed and project managed full renovations of interiors and millwork for over 75 stores in shopping malls across Canada.


Our Role:

Design, documentation, procurement, manufacturing, project management, feedback.



Built stores and kiosks of quality and distinction by designing an elegant, warm and modern image for this major Canadian retailer.




Project Data

Commercial and Retail


Construction Management


75 Retail Locations Across Canada

Construction Completed 1999 to 2011