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Things Engraved Kiosks


More display. Less floor space.

Bringing together the client's retail expertise, with our design skills




The standardized shopping mall kiosks were designed for the display and sale of engravable gifts. The new designs offered greater amounts of quality display space by stepping the shelves, and the inclusion of effective and  discreet illumination. The design team developed a system for Value, Design & Ease of Construction, integrating the roles of designers, fabricators, suppliers, contractors and installers. This made it possible to hire local help, and keep costs down.


Our Role:

Design, documentation, procurement, manufacturing, project management, feedback.


Our Story:

Knowing that our client really knew his business, we were able to quickly establish a level of trust between each other that allowed us all to leverage each other's expertise to a great advantage. The long relationship with our client started much earlier when he wanted to improve the work flow in his office building. John helped him take a step back by simply asking “What are you trying to achieve?”, hence introducing our client to the first principles of design. Listening to the client, we brought a fresh eye and creativity to the design of this shopping mall kiosk. The design doubled the display space, as commonly seen in the early 90's. The kiosk was designed for “roll out” across Canada, and it was essential to have well organized teams assembled to construct the pieces, ship, build and install on all corners of Canada. The process was standardized for smooth and quick completion, one kiosk at a time.



Project Data

Commercial and Retail


Construction Management


Retail locations across Canada

18.5 m² (200 sq. ft.) per each kiosk

Construction Completed 1999 to 2011