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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Music Study


A Bridge of Prominence

This study offered a vision for a school filled with joy and excitement at all times of day and night



John MacDonald Architect and Lett Architects where commissioned by Wilfrid Laurier University’s Faculty of Music to under take a concept design study. The study included preliminary costing and technical assessments for a major renewal and expansion of the Faculty of Music.

The proposal capitalized on the school's highly visible and urbane location benefitting from high pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The design included additional practice rooms and performance spaces as well as renovations to key campus spaces and entry forecourt.


A new 5 story practice wing would greatly increase the number of practice rooms. Each is open, light filled, and fitted with high quality acoustics. Re-orienting the entrance, with a new lobby and greeting area created a much needed sense of arrival. The new Performance Hall would act as the face of the Faculty. A glazed façade would animate the exterior by displaying the life of the facility, night and day. Traffic flow, circulation and accessibility throughout the facility will also benefit from these new assemblies.


Our Role:

Review of existing conditions, design study, code review and coordination.


“The combination of Lett and JMA worked so well for us. Their dedication to the project, and complementary skills and contributions took us beyond the original project brief, because they took time to consult with our user groups, understand our community and campus, and challenged us to think in new ways. Bill, John, and their staff delivered a clear understanding of our facility needs, and created strategic design and documentation that inspires our students and faculty, while providing excellent support for our donor campaign.”


— Glen Carruthers
Dean Faculty of Music - Wilfrid Laurier University



Project Data

Academic / Feasibility Study




Waterloo, Ontario

2,685 m² (28,900 sq. ft.)?

Study Completed 2012