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Downtown Lighting Study

On Lighting Downtown

A lighting study that helped to understand different light types in relation to diverse streets of Downtown Kitchener


The Lighting Study explored concepts for the future of particular sites in the Downtown of Kitchener, and for the role of public lighting infrastructure in those sites. This investigation, however, was guided by criteria (phsycological, economic, aesthetic, historic) which are formed by a larger understanding of the City.

The successful urban environment: 

-Engages and supports individuals in their need for coherence, for stories, and in their need for everyday decisions.

-Supports a range of individuals' stories, while retaining an ability to cater to each one. This is a delicate balancing act, and one which evolves over time. 

Our Role:

Review of existing conditions, design study, code review and coordination.

“By focusing on key safety and perception issues, the future for downtown Kitchener has never looked brighter!”

— Kitchener Downtown Business Association Newsletter

Project Data

Urban + Lighting


Ideas / Competition


Kitchener, Ontario

Study Completed 1998