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Victorian Millenial Home


A Home for Contemplation & Enjoyment

Indoor and outdoor spaces flow into each other effortlessly, so the eye rests with longer views in this tight corner of Downtown Toronto




This  detached residence complements the continuity of the streestcape of an older neighbourhood, by taking cues from the massing, roof lines, materials, setbacks, and the relationships between the street and the front façade of the existing houses. The architecture though breaks with tradition by including floor to ceiling glazing in the front on the three storeys, giving it a thoroughly modern look.  The roof of the sunken garage, set back on the property, serves as a small terrace. On the third floor, another roof terrace offers a private space for retreat. The landscaped backyard is an extension of the house, responding with  a vertical swath of floor to ceiling windows and balconies. As a counterpoint, another vertical swath of stone on the rear façade for the chimney evokes images of a cozy interior with an imposing fireplace. The final result is a comfortable home that is bright and spacious and full of beautiful quiet spaces, indoor and out, for comfortable contemplation.


Our Role:

Design, approvals, documentation, and assistance through construction phase.



Complemented the continuity of the streetscape with a contemporary aesthetic that balances the modern with the traditional. We also facilitated the municipal application process by assisting efficiently with documentation, advice and representation.



“John is and was a consummate professional. His attention to detail, to managing multiple clients and projects, was a strength that was felt throughout the firm. We worked in close proximity to each other, and John brought professionalism, humour and passion for his work that everyone benefited from. I would recommend John to clients and other business associates if they were considering a project as I know that John would both listen, advise and develop the best project for his clients.”


— Sarah McPherson



Project Data



Construction Management


Toronto, Ontario

24,600 m² (264,800 sq. ft.) Site

1,085 m² (11,680 sq. ft.) Renovation​

Construction Completed 2016