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St. Mary's Heritage Veterans' House



Back to the Future

Keeping the best of the 1950's for today's world




Without encroaching on the character of the house and of the neighbourhood, this house got a total make-over to bring it up-to-date with a standard level of comfort and convenience. By popping up the roof at the back of the house and turning the stairs around, the necessary space was created to make a ground floor with an open concept floor plan, a kitchen with an island and a powder room; an upstairs, with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a spacious landing with a reading nook in a cantilevered "balcony"; and a basement with a rec room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a laundry/mechanical room. The house now has generous windows, up-to-date electrical and mechanical systems, is structurally sound and is well sealed and insulated. The new exterior siding is in character with the 1950's architecture of the neighbourhood and the old wood siding was reused for a backyard fence.


Our Role:

Design, Documentation, and Construction Management.



This house is located in the St. Mary's Heritage Conservation District (HCD), defined by its suburban character of large gardens and curving streets.  This is a neighbourhood of small houses, designed to be built quickly and with economy as a response to the post World War II housing crisis, when many soldiers returned from the war and had nowhere to settle down and build a family.



“The transformation of this house has more than met all my expectations. It has been done respectfully, efficiently and with economy.”


— Jack MacDonald



Project Data



Construction Management


Kitchener, Ontario

90 m² (1,000 sq. ft.)

Construction Completed 2018