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Design Storms for Heritage Homes


The Possibilities are Great!

Daring to dream through exploration 




Design Storm is a service that helps home owners contemplate the possibilities and make informed decisions regarding the future of their homes. Through detailed investigation and client collaboration John MacDonald Architect brings our clients' dreams for their homes to reality. JMA has created unique additions and renovations to meet the needs of our clients, from downsizing to a more functional home to expanding and reorienting for more space. JMA designs spaces that are unique to the clients' use of space. Our customized approach is a major contributor to our residential projects. 


Our Role:

JMA staff participated in a Design Storm session, creating multiple options for each project component, with an emphasis on functionality and family.



Demonstrated how targeted renovations can significantly enhance a home. The designs demonstrated how the Client’s competing priorities could be balanced, while also addressing existing issues of circulation and flow.





Project Data


Addition / Alteration



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