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Site Plan Approval Assistance


JMA's Leadership for Development Approvals 




We have extensive experience leading projects through the complex maze of municipal requirements for planning permissions and site design. Projects benefit from careful integration of planning and site design standards at the earliest stage, helping to avoid conflict and revision wherever possible by looking over the horizon as designs are formed.  


Site Design involves both building, context and a series of disparate technical systems that must form an integrated whole. Architects have a unique skillset that uniquely qualifies us for leadership of this project phase, and our senior staff have many years of experience with leadership and co-ordination of the many designs involved. 


Each particular technical design is governed by criteria and regulatory interests that care little for one another, or their relation to your project objectives. Requirements for accessibility, storm water management, lighting, security, zoning regulations and vehicle movement often conflict with other regulatory policy and your goals for a cost-effective project. 


Put our expertise to work for you at the early stage, where our knowledge and skill can set the stage for successful navigation of the approvals landscape. The cost of quality, upfront care far outweighs the cost of time and effort spent in endless cycles of revision.