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The Finishing Touch

Design doesn't stop at the door, at the surface, or at any scale. Our perception of environment works from the colour and texture of the surfaces that define its spaces, the objects within them, and the patterns of infrastructure and support for our activities and initiatives. The quality of this environment affects emotion, and well-being, and sets the stage for gracious interactions and the exchange of ideas and value in our community.

Our approach to interior design works from connection and continuity with the overall experience of activities and movement. We design to enhance, inspire, and for the well-being of all users. Our watch-word is Grace, and we deliver great design across a full range of styles and ideas that stand the test of time. We are fully familiar with regulatory standards and distinct needs in each situation: kitchen, health care, and public spaces, with their particular need for durability and cleanliness; our home environments and their association with comfort and memory; and lighting and acoustical performance in many specialized settings.

Our architectural training means we see the environment as an integral whole, perceptible to all our senses. We value the contribution of natural light, vegetation and healthy materials to the spaces we craft, and are conscious of their ability to contribute to stewardship of our planet. 

Whether it is a renovation or an interior fit-up in a new building or a heritage structure, put our expertise to work for you. We have brought our creativity into private homes, offices, restaurants, retail stores and health centres, creating enduring value that is more than surface-deep.