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Design is at the Heart of What we Do  





We carefully balance objectives, relationships, and possibilities as we craft solutions, and we apply these skills at many scales. Whether it's about colour or finish, an interior renovation or preliminary design for building and site, we can help. Our consultations identify the key elements of the task at hand, and apply experience and creativity to chart a way forward. Design is decision-making in a complex context. Our solutions carefully connect unique context, people and needs, and create enduring value.


We design for projects large and small, and we enjoy the task no matter the project type. Often the service builds from an On Site Consultation and the work you've accomplished to date. You are a key part of the team. The objective is to move the project from "all things are possible" to "this is the way forward." Design builds certainty and confidence that options have been explored, with positive momentum for the implementation phase. Our professional staff take a 360 degree approach, so that early solutions include the How and the How Much.


Depending upon the scale of project, services can include presentations and reports that form the basis of your next steps, including: 

- Design Reports and Renderings,

- Preliminary discussion of building systems and technical solutions,

- Site design and Pre-consultations with authorities, and

- Preliminary cost estimates.