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Design Storm™

JMA's Distinct Service for Early Project Exploration 

Many projects have a clear direction and can proceed directly to more detailed elaboration of concepts and design. In many cases, however, that direction isn't at all clear.

Should I stay and renovate, or sell and move? Should I build an addition, or can existing space be re-organized and designed to fully suit new needs?

And most importantly: If I do this, how do I know I shouldn't have done that instead?

JMA's Design Storm service is structured to remove these uncertainties, by using our listening and design skills to create a variety of preliminary options that explore the full range of distinct possibilities. After preliminary meetings and an on site consultation, we divide our studio into teams. Each works to explore, in a preliminary way, a specific option or potential project direction, and presents the results in a common format.

We present the options to you at a studio workshop session, and together we discuss the relative merits and challenges of each, the results of our exploration, and your input. The result provides you with a clear understanding of all approaches, so you can move forward with confidence.

Fees for Design Storms are based on size, scope, and complexity of project. They depend upon information that need to be collected, such as site or building measurements, development of spatial programs detailing your needs, or preliminary consultations with authorities where the right project option may depend upon interpretations of regulation.