Helpful Tips Before You Contact Us  




An architect can give you information that will help you make an educated decision about how to proceed with your project. Eliminate the unknowns before you buy a property or before you embark into a construction project to avoid costly surprises afterwards.


1. Prepare information about your property:

- Where is it? What is the address?

- How large is it? 

- Is there a building on the site? How many buildings?

- What is the age of the building?

- Can you give a brief description of the state of the site and building?

- Is it a flat or sloped site? Does it have trees? Are there other buildings nearby? Are there any natural features?

- Do you have a survey of the property?

- Do you own it or are you buying or leasing? 

- What is it being used for?

- What would you like to do with it? How would you like to use it?

- Are there any issues that need particular attention?


2. Contact us for an appointment with an architect at your site. Also be ready to answer the questions above. The information that you supply will form the basis for our consultation. The sooner you can contact us, the sooner you will have the tools to make a decision that works for you about how to proceed with your project.


3. An architect will meet with you on site for a discussion about your project based on the information supplied and any information uncovered about the site previous to the meeting. We can also recommend a realistic project (including construction, if applicable) timeline.