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Regardless of the size of your renovation, we can help.  Our expertise on residential, heritage, commercial, institutional and industrial renovation work can be brought to bear on your project. We can bring clarity to the cost implications, phasing of construction so there is minimal disruption to existing areas, or the possible requirements of the applicable jurisdictions.


We offer a variety of services that can be tailored to your needs:

- On-site Consultation

- Design Consultation

- Permit Documents

- Design Storm

- On-target Package

- Full Architectural Services

- Site Plan Approval


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“We've been impressed by the knowledge John and Matthew have brought to the University Health Services project. Their thorough and detailed approach to the many building systems in this complex health care facility has been tremendous and is well beyond our normal experience for the architectural profession. Site services, structural, controls, mechanical, or electrical, John and Matt have been on top of the systems and helped smooth the way forward, working alonside Devlan and its trades for best project outcomes.”


— Deno Godin, Construction Project Manager
Devlan Construction


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