Our Approach | Architecture



The Architect as Juggler


We produce designs in a wide variety of styles and project contexts. Our concern is with appropriateness, fitness, grace, and durability of the environments we work with you to create. Just as each project component has its role to play, so too do the overall look and experience of the facility and spaces. We design from first principles, and explore options and possibilities without preconception as to where our journey will lead. We work within established contexts to design innovative enhancements that are respectful, inspiring, and that will stand the tests of use and time.


We believe architecture should:

  1. Enhance our stewardship of the planet, and work with our climate and culture

  2. Contribute beyond its walls, to inspire and improve community, building capacity for its citizens and with respect and dignity for individual stories and relationships

  3. Communicate through direct experience of the completed project and its context, helping to bring comfort and meaning to the aspirations of those that bring them to life. Architecture doesn't live on paper or in magazines. It makes its contribution through the environments it creates.

  4. Most importantly, that architecture is a balance of performing building systems, each of which must contribute as part of an integrated whole