Our Approach | Project Management 



Our Approach to Project Management   


The basis for John MacDonald Architect’s integrated quality, scope, schedule, management and work planning is our Information Reporting (IR) system. It addresses all streams of project information and design as an interrelated whole, rather than sequentially. This framework is tailored to the specific needs of each project. The entire system is informed by the Objectives and Priorities framework (IR1), developed and agreed at Project Launch, and the project communication and work plan (IR5) that organizes the workshop sessions and co-ordination meetings.


Our leadership activities for projects are founded on two guiding principles:

  1. Key project drivers (the why, when, how, what, and how much) must be balanced and seen as integrated pieces of one project and one design solution, “front and centre” through all project phases, especially at outset of design.
  2. Success comes from anticipation, using our experience to look over the immediate horizon and actively incorporate strategies for meeting the very real performance targets that govern projects. Design is the result, not simply the inspiration.

JMA’s senior project leadership and our subconsultant technical experts ARE the day-to-day managers of the design and communication stream. We are structured to leverage direct participation of senior staff at project level. Expertise and well-developed skills will care for the particular and fundamental project drivers associated with your project, your organization, your goals for change, and enhancement of the existing context. Our approach supports informed and integrated decision-making with communication in the IR system that:

  1. Identifies and clarifies project “unknowns” and assumptions, from the “get-go”, in parallel with info gathering and space programming activities
  2. Communicates throughly, with a depth of analysis and background information that allows the team to fully understand the underpinnings and project implications of our recommendations, and the design.

We are committed to providing this quality of effort for your project.