Our Approach | Schedule and Cost



Key Project Drivers: When? How Much?  

JMA's Balanced and Forward-Thinking Approach


We track and report project information in eleven Information Reporting (IR) streams. The Project Schedule and its Financial Costs each have a dedicated stream, which begins with information gathering prior to Project Launch. The information is actively tracked as potential and turned into accomplishment, and reporting is finalized upon Project Completion to suit your needs.

Getting Ready:​

  1. What are the key cost and schedule drivers for this Project?

  2. How is the balance between time, quality, project size and cost considered at project outset, and what does it need to be?

  3. How shall decisions be made with respect to trade-offs between capital and operating costs? Schedule and Construction Delivery Methods?

  4. Let's define our terms: Project Cost, Construction Cost, Hard Costs and Soft. What's in, what's out, and how shall we account for these important types of cost in the Project Budget?

  5. What are the external influences that might affect these key project factors, and the unknowns and assumptions that must be investigated early?

Following Through:​

  1. Where are the opportunities and risks, and how can design decisions assist in mitigating those risks and capitalizing on those opportunities? This is critical for renovations and expansions.

  2. Schedule and cost updates at all Project Phases. 

  3. A continuous 360 degree look at cost and schedule through the early design phases, to include all building systems.

  4. Rigorous tracking of schedule and cost in the Construction Phase, with clear responsibility assignment and accountability within the contract and construction team.