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Evaluating Opportunities and Properties


Measure Twice

Make knowing what lies ahead a priority for your investment.



We can help ...

Meet with an architect at your building or property to discuss the possibilities and issues. We can also meet you at a property you are considering buying.



We will review the design challenges and opportunities, and your hopes and ambitions for your project with an onsite meeting. We will prepare a preliminary design and cost report for you. Site measurements are an additional cost.


  1. The reviewers determine a number of quality attribute scenarios to drive the review.

  2. The architect presents the portion of the architecture to be evaluated.

  3. For each scenario, the designer walks through the architecture and explains how the scenario is satisfied, and the reviewers ask questions to determine if the scenario is satisfied and its affect on other scenarios.

  4. Potential challenges are captured.



“Intellect takes you to the door, but it doesn’t take you into the house.”


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